Wecome to the New NeHe Website!!!

So, many of you will have noticed that NeHe stopped being updated a while ago. Although updates had slowed largely due to lack of time, they stopped completely after Gamedev.net migrated to new forum software about 6 months ago. The old forum software powered our news system and so with the upgrade we lost the ability to post!

There were other issues with the old site though, the site was written in ASP and the only way to create any new content was to FTP stuff back and forward from the server. Because of this, there was no such thing as a "quick update", any improvement we made, no matter how trivial, took way too much time.

Finally though, things are looking up for NeHe! You are now reading a new, totally rebuilt website which has all the editing features that we'll need. We can now make "quick updates" whenever, from whereever we are. I've migrated all the old news, tutorials and articles from the old site, and let some of the old cruft die off - if there was anything from the old site that you miss and want restored, let us know in the NeHe forums!

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