The Wine Project Prepares Version 1.4

The Wine project is a cross-platform reimplementation of the Win32 API that allows Windows applications to run on other operating systems. Over the years it has become more and more stable and runs many popular Direct3D-based games by translating the D3D and older DirectDraw calls to OpenGL. Stable releases of Wine are infrequent, releasing about once every 2 years, but the time for a new stable release is approaching.

The lead developer of Wine, Alexandre Julliard has just released Wine 1.4 rc-1 and now the developers will focus on bug fixing rather than new features.

I'm personally indebted to the Wine project for providing me a way to run my old Windows games and purchases on my OS of choice. It's an epic undertaking and it's amazing what the developers have achieved.

You can read the release announcement for Wine 1.4-rc1 here.