That time of year is coming up again. It is soon time for Pascal Game Development's annual competition and with that, I am pleased to announce that on Jan 15th, 2006 the 2006 PGD Annual Game Programming Competition shall commence!The competition rules shall be released on the morning(GMT) before the start of the competition.We will be allowing teams or individuals much like we did last year. Releasing your source will be optional however you will be required to submit a packaged executable with all game files for the targeted platform(s) supported.Prizes, judges, rules and all further needed information will be posted within a weeks time before the start date of competition. For now, I suggest gathering your teams, tools and ideas for Jan 15th. Contest will be running for a total of 16 weeks, ending on the May 7th where we will award the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners with their prizes. We will also be honouring those in the competition that show great ability in specific areas of development.We have high hopes for a fun competition and it should be a very successful event for 2006. Stay posted for further information as it comes.This year's excellent winning entries and prizes can be viewed @