Based in space, there's a large interstellar war going on - basically a galactic "blitzkrieg" by one domineering race. They've got all these resources from taking over so many planets, but they're population-limited since they've spread themselves out so far. Your planet was attacked, but a small portion of your race escaped in a large colony ship. Since you're resource-limited, that's why you've got one or two really good ships with the best pilot in your entire population, unlike the enemy which has thousands of dumb AI-controlled robotic ships.Gameplay will play like a top-down shooter, and will involve nuking runs on enemy bases and dropping squads of marines in strategic locations.Technical specs include the fact that it detects GLSL capability on cards that support it, and enables a nice lighting effect on the ships and the space station.picture: http://sprite.digitalseraph.net/Projects/2005-08-07%20ExploderDemo/ExploderDemo.jpgdemo: http://sprite.digitalseraph.net/Projects/2005-08-07%20ExploderDemo/ExploderDemo.rarwebsite: http://sprite.digitalseraph.net