Compile Problems in Win7 with Visual Studio 2010

Encaitar wrote us an email about compile problems of the old lessons under Windows 7 due to the choice of a character set. As this might interest quite a lot of you, I just show you what he wrote:

The issue is the default in VC10 char* to LPCWSTR conversion. The gamedev forums do mention the issue. This code can be added as one of the many conversions at the bottom of the tutorial page  or the solution of changing the properties in Visual Studio could be included in the text. StackOverFlow ( has a question about this issue with a nice screen shot of the option to be changed.
As the same issue is present across tutorials I would suggest explaining to a Visual Studio user the source of the problem and the Character Set = Not Set option listed above.
Thank you for that hint!
So watch out for this specific error whenever you compile one of the legacy tutorials, and I'll add a note about this to the lessons!

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