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Industrialize is a fairly simple tile-based game in which you attempt to build your city and get to the target amount of population in the shortest number of turns as you can. There are several different aspects including population, food, immigration, taxes, and more. I've been working on it for about a month and a half now, and I have a development journal set up at the forum provided by my host, QuakeDev, where all my projects are hosted. You can find that here: Entar
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Christophe Devine has released a new version of the 1for3 demo package. It now features a screensaver option which has been tested on Windows XP and FreeBSD (Wine). The basecode which he has kept as simple as possible can be used as a building block to create OpenGL screensavers... so... if you've ever wanted to create GL screensavers of your own, but haven't found code to do the trick, be sure to grab 1for3 from the downloads page. Nice work Christophe!
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Based in space, there's a large interstellar war going on - basically a galactic "blitzkrieg" by one domineering race. They've got all these resources from taking over so many planets, but they're population-limited since they've spread themselves out so far. Your planet was attacked, but a small portion of your race escaped in a large colony ship. Since you're resource-limited, that's why you've got one or two really good ships with the best pilot in your entire population, unlike the enemy which has thousands of dumb AI-controlled robotic ships.Gameplay will play like a top-down shooter, and will involve nuking runs on enemy bases and dropping squads of marines in strategic locations.Technical specs include the fact that it detects GLSL capability on cards that support it, and enables a nice lighting effect on the ships and the space station.picture:
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A new C# Programming Contest has just started on C# Home.Contest 4: Digits Recognition is to recognize digits in an image file (OCR). The fastest code wins!
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World Machine v1.0 is a Terrain Generation & Editing package that has become very popular for game development purposes. There is a free Basic Edition available for non-commercial use, as well as a $40 Standard edition that can be used commercially. The website is: features are:Powerful and flexible terrain generation, including "World Class" natural erosion features. Graph based terrain building and realtime 3D Previews for rapid experimentation Explorer Mode. Fly / Drive and Walk around the boundless virtual world defined by the terrain generators.
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Terence J. Grant has sent in modified python code for lesson 48. The new code eliminates a bug that plagued the older code. If you use python, grab the updated source. Thanks Terence!
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Anyone interested in the GC Developers Conference may want to have a look at the schedules. You can download information here: GCDC News (zipped word documents).
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Over the past few months, we here at Eyes Out Entertainment have put the final touches on our independently developed MMORPG engine, for Tatsumaki: Land at War; Now with our engine up and running, we can turn attention to content development. As we enter a new and crucial phase in the game's development, we are looking for talented and motivated individuals to join the team. We are currently looking to fill the following positions:
  • Systems/Physics programmer (Complex logic involved)
  • Graphical programmer (High-end OpenGL)
  • Network programmer (Compression and advanced packet buffering knowledge required)
  • Organic and static modelers
  • Texture Artist(s)
  • Musicians and Sound Engineer
  • Bipedal and Quadrapedial animatorsWe currently have a team of 20 capable, talented individuals who are working to make Tatsumaki the best game it can be; however, since this is such a large project and we are independent - we are always looking for more people to add to our (Already large) team.For more information on Tatsumaki: Land at War, those interested can peruse our large information database, and visit our actively growing community, whose population rises daily, with over 500 members. Also, be sure to read our post on for more information on how you can apply, and for a demo of our engine.
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    AutoQ3D - a OpenGL/QT quick 3d model editor program. The objective of this work is to give power users or developers and easy way to create graphics in three dimensions using a simple file format to incorporate in their own projects. You can add textures to models. Can import MD2 and DXF files formats and export DXF files. This program was ported to Linux, Windows and Mac OSX operative systems. It's free... Gonzalo Reynaga García.
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    Dave over at has just released a new version of Black Sky Alpha, v1.3. It's available for download now so check it out!

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