by carstenhaubold, posted at July 24, 2011, 3:18 a.m.

Andrej Mitrovic sent us an email about his project of porting the legacy NeHe tutorials to the 2nd version of the D language, as only D1 ports are available yet.

So for everybody interested in using OpenGL with D2, here's this great resource: 

Thanks Andrej!

by kazade, posted at July 14, 2011, 9:20 a.m.

So, many of you will have noticed that NeHe stopped being updated a while ago. Although updates had slowed largely due to lack of time, they stopped completely after migrated to new forum software about 6 months ago. The old forum software powered our news system and so with the upgrade we lost the ability to post!

There were other issues with the old site though, the site was written in ASP and the only way to create any new content was to FTP stuff back and forward from the server. Because of this, there was no such thing as a "quick update", any improvement we made, no matter how trivial, took way too much time.

Finally though, things are looking up for NeHe! You are now reading a new, totally rebuilt website which has all the editing features that we'll need. We can now make "quick updates" whenever, from whereever we are. I've migrated all the old news, tutorials and articles from the old site, and let some of the old cruft die off - if there was anything from the old site that you miss and want restored, let us know in the NeHe forums!

by gamedev, posted at March 4, 2008, 6:41 a.m.

Thomas Cunningham has sent updated ports for REALbasic of lessons 2-6. You can find them linked at the bottom of the lessons. Thanks Thomas, great work! We are continuing making improvements to the site. The list of links on the left are growing and more ports are coming, along with other NEW top secret elements of the site!! As always, if you have any OpenGL news to share just use the "Submit News" link. Also, if you would like your OpenGL website or blog linked from here you can send us an email through the reinstated "Contact Us" link on the left.

by gamedev, posted at Jan. 30, 2006, noon

Only one month to go before the nullarbor demoparty and game development competition takes place! The event will be held at ECU Mount Lawley, School of Computer and Information Science in Perth, Western Australia on Thursday the 23rd of February 2006.Registration is free, and there are hundreds of dollars worth of prizes to be won, with a $500 first place prize in the game development competition! Entry is open to all Australian and New Zealand residents. Can't get to Perth? You can enter remotely and compete for cash prizes!For more information visit
by gamedev, posted at Jan. 30, 2006, noon

I recently created a website which will contain articles / tutorials about game programming. I do not cover graphical API but rather game design from a higher point of view.The first article is up at The 2nd one will follow in two or three weeks (half written, but, aargh, exams). The first one talks about initial prerequisites about game programming, if an engine should be coded or another one reused, also about what software is available and a bit about code redistribution in the interest of the project (GPL or not).I though It might be of some interest for your audience.Vincent Brzusczak (SKSlayer)
by gamedev, posted at Jan. 30, 2006, noon

This is pretty cool... offers music for game developement. They have a large collection of royalty free music. Definitely worth checking out if your working on a game and need some tunes!
by gamedev, posted at Jan. 30, 2006, noon

v0.52 of Amstarfield (NovodeX project) is now available... You can grab it here: If anyone would like to see some of my unfinished work it can be found here: This is the first time I've really shown anything to anyone, hope you like it :-)jerryham
by gamedev, posted at Jan. 30, 2006, noon

Wojtek has written a game in OpenGL with his friends. It's an online First Person Shooter called IceWar. You're one of the snowmen and your target is to kill other snowmen. The game offers two types of play: FAW (Fire At Will - well known Death Match), and HST (Help Some Team - simple team play). Visit The website is in Polish, but the game is in English.
by gamedev, posted at Jan. 30, 2006, noon

Posted a new demo by Simon Flannery called Knights. It's an OpenGL demo using the stencil buffer to teach others about the tricks of reflections and planar shadows. Both a win32 build and glut build are included plus all source code. You can find the demo on the download page under 'K'.
by gamedev, posted at Jan. 30, 2006, noon

Taxi Driver: A Naughty Ville. Full review is on Features include: model lighting, light direction (car lights), collisions and 3d sound. The whole game is in Polish, but language is not that important. Source code will be downloadable on my page in near future. In the meantime, grab the demo (two parts from the url above).

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